Our history

Morpheus is a lovely boat. She cost the original owners nearly £120,000 by the time they finished adding all those “little extras”, but she sat unused for the majority of the year – such a waste! They didn’t want to sell her, but they also did not want her to sit unused for the majority of the year. Renting her out was a non-starter due to the cost of insurance.

So, they came up with the shared ownership idea – to sell shares in her. Other like-minded folk have bought a portion of her, and she is now used and loved for most of the year.

Anyone who owns a share within this scheme can arrange with another member of the scheme to swap weeks, so you could potentially have a different holiday each year if you want.

We also encourage weekend jaunts. You can swap weekends with anyone else on the scheme if you fancy a weekend away. If you fancy several weekends away, you can request time from other people’s slots and, if they are willing, all you do is pay them the portion of their annual maintenance fees for the period you use the boat over and above your own allocation.